July 1963 saw the first US Aircraft Register in bookform; almost a decade later, these registers were available on microfiche. And in 1992, the FAA went Windows digital; the earliest copy of such a register in our possession is dated 30 September 1992.

This is our second special edition, covering the complete US register as on 06 December 1999.

We trust the information will be of great use to the keen aviation historian.

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N1     to N1172W
N1172X to N2164W
N2164X to N3461B
N3461E to N4871T
N4871U to N6328D (updated 28DEC11)
N6328E to N77NW  (includes reserved N-Number details)
N77NY  to N9227W (includes reserved N-Number details)
N9227X to N99999 (includes reserved N-Number details)