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  •   AMCAR150 JULY 2017

    This is our latest edition totalling 92 pages and comes with two downloadable PDF supplements. It was published on 24 June 2017 .

  •   AMCAR151 OCTOBER 2017

    Our next issue is scheduled for publication on 05 October 2017 .

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    For a detailed summary of amcar publications consult the wiki page .

  •   Summary of AMCAR Production Lists and Special Surveys

    Since 1977 we have been publishing various special surveys which are catalogued below. For availability of a particular back issue, please check our Cyber Shop .

    AERO COMMANDER Production List   AMCAR45/61
    AERONCA OH58A/B Military Surplus   AMCAR11&AMCAR24
    AEROTEK (APPLEBAY) Production List   AMCAR148
    AIR & SPACE mini case study   AMCAR137
    ARCTIC Production Lists   AMCAR150
    AUSTERs in the USA   AMCAR141
    BAC111 Grand Survey   AMCAR23
    BAe125 Grand Survey   AMCAR37
    BAUMANN Brigadier   AMCAR142
    BEDE BD5 Grand Survey   AMCAR8
    BEECH 18/AT11 Grand Survey   AMCAR49
    BEECH 3NM Production List (CA)   AMCAR10/12
    BEECH D18C Production List   AMCAR148
    BEECH 35-33 Debonair/Bonanza Production List (CD)   AMCAR133/134
    BEECH 50 Production List (CH/DH/EH)   AMCAR47/50
    BEECH 56TC Production List (TG)   AMCAR117
    BEECH 58 Production List (TH)   AMCAR83/88
    BEECH 58P Production List (TJ)   AMCAR88/89
    BEECH 58TC Production List (TK)   AMCAR90
    BEECH 60 Duke Production List (P)   AMCAR107/109
    BEECH 65 Queen Air Production List (LC)   AMCAR150
    BEECH 76 Duchess Production List (ME)   AMCAR104/106
    BEECH 77 Skipper Production List (WA)   AMCAR116
    BEECH 95 Production List (TD)   AMCAR46/48
    BEECH 95 C55/D55/E55 Production List (TE)   AMCAR118/122
    BEECH 95-55 (TC)   AMCAR122/130, 132
    BEECH 99 Grand Survey   AMCAR26
    BEECH C45G/H Production List (AF)   AMCAR7
    BEECH D18S Production List (D)   AMCAR19/21
    BEECH E18S/G18S Production List (BA)   AMCAR22/24
    BEECH T34A/B Military Surplus (G/34)   AMCAR12
    BELL TH13 Military Surplus   AMCAR13
    BELL UH1 Military Surplus   AMCAR13
    BELLANCA 14 Cruisair Production List   AMCAR144
    BELLANCA 17-30/17-31 Viking Production List  AMCAR139
    BOEING 75 Military Surplus   AMCAR14
    BOEING Military Surplus   AMCAR15
    BOLKOW in the USA   AMCAR147
    BRANTLY B2/B105   AMCAR47/48
    BRITTEN NORMAN BN2 Grand Survey   AMCAR23
    CALLAIR S-1 Production List   AMCAR147
    CALLAIR A & B Production List   AMCAR149
    CANADAIR Military Surplus   AMCAR17
    CANADAIR CL215/CL415   AMCAR107
    CESSNA Military Surplus   AMCAR16/17
    CESSNA 162 Production List   AMCAR148
    CESSNA 207 Production List   AMCAR79
    CESSNA T303 Production List   AMCAR99
    CESSNA 335 Production List   AMCAR98
    CESSNA P337 Production List   AMCAR110/113
    CESSNA 340 Production List   AMCAR94/96
    CESSNA 340A Production List   AMCAR97/98
    CESSNA 401/402 series Production List   AMCAR54/62
    CESSNA 404 Production List   AMCAR42/43
    CESSNA 411 Production List   AMCAR145
    CESSNA 414/414A Production List   AMCAR36/40
    CESSNA 421 series Production List   AMCAR25/28
    CESSNA 500/501 Production List   AMCAR8
    CESSNA Single Engine N-Number File   AMCAR19/20
    CHAMPION 402   AMCAR139
    CHANCE VOUGHT Military Surplus   AMCAR23
    CHASE Military Surplus   AMCAR23
    COMMONWEALTH REARWIN complete Production List   AMCAR146
    COMPAIR Production Survey   AMCAR102
    CONVAIR Military Surplus   AMCAR18
    CONVAIR L-13 Military Surplus   AMCAR140
    CONVAIR-Vultee BT13/BT15   AMCAR65
    CULVER Military Surplus   AMCAR23 & 148
    CURTISS Military Surplus   AMCAR148
    CURTISS C46 Grand Survey   AMCAR18
    DE HAVILLAND DH82 Golden Oldies   AMCAR53
    DE HAVILLAND DHC2 Production List   AMCAR11,updated AMCAR90/97
    DE HAVILLAND DHC3 Production List   AMCAR98/101
    DE HAVILLAND DHC6 Grand Survey   AMCAR24
    DORNIER in the USA   AMCAR148
    DOUGLAS DC3 Grand Survey   AMCAR15 and AMCAR44
    DOUGLAS DC4 Grand Survey   AMCAR16 and AMCAR43
    DOUGLAS DC6 Grand Survey   AMCAR17 and AMCAR48
    DOUGLAS DC7 Grand Survey   AMCAR18
    DOUGLAS DC8 Grand Survey   AMCAR19
    DOUGLAS DC9 Grand Survey   AMCAR32
    DOUGLAS Military Surplus   AMCAR21/22
    EMBRAER EMB119 Grand Survey   AMCAR27
    EMIGH Production Lists   AMCAR149
    EPIC (Kitplane Rarity 4)   AMCAR135
    EVANGEL Production Lists   AMCAR150
    FAIRCHILD Military Surplus   AMCAR77/84
    FAIRCHILD PT-19/PT-23/PT-26 Military Surplus   AMCAR117/123
    FAIRCHILD UC-61 Military Surplus   AMCAR142
    FAIRCHILD 24R/24W Production List   AMCAR143
    FAIRCHILD F27 Grand Survey   AMCAR25
    FLEET 1/2/7/8/9/10/11 Production Lists  AMCAR144
    FLEET Military Surplus   AMCAR26
    FOKKER Antiques   AMCAR23
    FOKKER F27 Grand Survey   AMCAR25
    GLASAIR Production Survey   AMCAR63
    GRUMMAN G-159 Gulfstream I Grand Survey   AMCAR31
    GRUMMAN G-164 series (-/A/B) Production List   AMCAR32/35
    GRUMMAN G-164 series (C/D) Production List   AMCAR137
    GRUMMAN GA-7 Cougar Production list   AMCAR103
    GRUMMAN Military Surplus   AMCAR28/30
    HARLOW Production Lists   AMCAR147
    HELIO H295/H395/HST550 Production List   AMCAR44/45 & update AMCAR114
    HILLER UH12 Production List   AMCAR30/31
    HILLER FH100 Production List   AMCAR114/115
    HOWARD Military Surplus   AMCAR61
    HUGHES 269A/TH55A Production List   AMCAR45/48
    HUGHES 269A-1/269B/269C Production List   AMCAR101/106
    HUGHES OH-6 Military Surplus   AMCAR48
    INTERSTATE Production Lists   AMCAR147
    INTERSTATE Military Surplus   AMCAR147
    JODEL Grand Survey   AMCAR26
    KAMAN Military Surplus   AMCAR54
    LANCAIR (NEICO) Production Survey   AMCAR62/63
    LOCKHEED L1329 JETSTAR Grand Survey   AMCAR33
    LOCKHEED L188 ELECTRA Grand Survey   AMCAR22
    LOCKHEED Military Surplus   AMCAR50/53
    LOCKHEED TWINS Grand Survey   AMCAR47
    LUSCOMBE Production List   AMCAR52
    MARTIN Military Surplus   AMCAR33
    MAULE Production List   AMCAR40/41
    MEYERS Aircraft Company (Golden Oldies series)   AMCAR98
    MITSUBISHI MU2 Production List   AMCAR10
    MOONEY M22 Production List   AMCAR146
    MORRISSEY/VARGA Production List   AMCAR58
    NAVAL Military Surplus   AMCAR149
    NAVION Military Surplus   AMCAR60
    NOORDUYN Military Surplus   AMCAR25
    NORTH AMERICAN Military Surplus   AMCAR35/42
    NORTHROP Military Surplus   AMCAR58
    PIEL EMERAUDE Grand Survey   AMCAR26
    PIGMAN Production Lists   AMCAR146
    PILATUS PC-6 Grand Survey   AMCAR25
    PIPER PA23-250 Aztec Production List   AMCAR71/81
    PIPER PA30 Production List   AMCAR50/53
    PIPER PA31 Chieftain Production List   AMCAR9
    PIPER PA31 Navajo Production List   AMCAR64/70
    PIPER PA31T Cheyenne Production List   AMCAR9
    PIPER PA39 Production List   AMCAR149
    PIPER PA60/PA61/PA61P Production List   AMCAR31
    PIPER SPORT Production List   AMCAR148
    PITTS S12 Production Survey   AMCAR122
    REARWIN Production Lists   AMCAR146
    REPUBLIC Military Surplus   AMCAR27
    ROCKWELL 112/114 series Production List   AMCAR28/30
    ROCKWELL 690 series Production List   AMCAR33
    ROCKWELL 700 series Production List   AMCAR103
    RUTAN LONG-EZ (Kitplane Rarity 5)   AMCAR144
    RUTAN VARI-VIGGEN (Kitplane Rarity 3)   AMCAR135
    RYAN Military Surplus   AMCAR76,77
    SEAREY Production Survey   AMCAR133
    SIKORSKY (S58) Military Surplus   AMCAR82/88
    SIKORSKY (S64) Military Surplus   AMCAR88/89
    STINSON Military Surplus   AMCAR140/141
    SWEARINGEN SX300 (Kitplane Rarity 2)   AMCAR134
    TIMM AIRCRAFT COMPANY Military Surplus   AMCAR143
    UNITED CONSULTANTS UC-1 Production List   AMCAR146
    VOLMER VJ (Kitplane Rarity 4)   AMCAR136
    VULTEE Military Surplus   AMCAR65
    WACO Aircraft   AMCAR72/75,AMCAR77/79
    WEATHERLY 201/620 Production List   AMCAR57
    WHEELER EXPRESS (Kitplane Rarity 1)   AMCAR132
    WING DELLINGER D-1 Production Survey   AMCAR112

  • Quick Reference N & C Registers

    Summarised listings of new registrations (with type/srs, c/n, date, and p/i information) can be found in each issue
    with effect  AMCAR35

  • Special Surveys
  • Made in Eastern Europe   AMCAR58
    Resident Abroad   AMCAR57 & AMCAR149
    (Homebuilt) Rotorcraft   AMCAR62

  • AMCAR Historical US Aircraft Registers (for free downloading in PDF format)
  • MARCH 2014 (ISBN 0 905316 59 2) download here
    JULY 2014 (ISBN 0 905316 64 9) download here
    OCTOBER 2014 (ISBN 0 905316 65 7) download here
    JANUARY 2015 (ISBN 0 905316 69 X) download here
    JULY 2015 (ISBN 0 905316 70 3) download here
    JANUARY 2016 (ISBN 0 905316 74 6) download here
    JANUARY 2017 (ISBN 0 905316 77 0) download here

  • Historical Survey of Aircraft used by the FAA
  • NS1/N15   AMCAR11;  NC16/N49   AMCAR12;   NC50/NC53   AMCAR13;  N53/N70   AMCAR15;   NC71/N83   AMCAR16;   NC84/NC98   AMCAR17;   N98/NC108   AMCAR18;   NC109/NC118   AMCAR19;   N118/NC134   AMCAR20;   N134/NC150   AMCAR21;   N150/NC171   AMCAR22;   NC171/NC228   AMCAR23;   NC228/NC308   AMCAR24;   NC309/NC351   AMCAR25

  • Historical US Cancellations

  • 1927/1950   AMCAR110,AMCAR113,AMCAR116
    1950/1960   AMCAR108/109
    1960/1970   AMCAR109/110

  • Historical US & Canadian Accidents

  • 1964/1966 US Aircraft Accidents Survey   AMCAR92
    1967/1969 US Aircraft Accidents Survey   AMCAR93
    1970/1971 US Aircraft Accidents Survey   AMCAR94
    1972/1973 US Aircraft Accidents Survey   AMCAR95
    1974 US Aircraft Accidents Survey   AMCAR96
    1975 US Aircraft Accidents Survey   AMCAR97
    1983/1989 US Aircraft Accidents Survey   AMCAR68/69

    1976 / to date US AIRCRAFT ACCIDENTS updates are published in individual issues of AMCAR
    2000 / to date CANADIAN AIRCRAFT ACCIDENTS updates are published in individual issues wef AMCAR81

  • Other Updates

  • Latin American Accidents & Incidents:   AMCAR102 a.o.
    Bolivian Aircraft Register:   AMCAR145 & AMCAR147
    Brazilian Aircraft Register:   AMCAR102/149
    Chilean Aircraft Register:   AMCAR150 a.o.
    French Aircraft Register:   AMCAR148 a.o.
    Mexican Aircraft Register:   AMCAR59/62, AMCAR124
    Swiss Aircraft Register:   AMCAR148 a.o.
    Ukraine Aircraft Register:   AMCAR148 a.o.


  • Air Studies 1972 (none)
    Air Studies 1973 ISBN 0 905316 00 2
    US Register Review 1975 ISBN 0 905316 01 0
    US Register Review 1976 ISBN 0 905316 02 9
    US Register Review 1977 ISBN 0 905316 03 7
    Piston Engine Review 1993 ISBN 0 905316 04 5
    Piston Engine Review 1995 ISBN 0 905316 07 X
    Piston Engine Review 1998/1999 ISBN 0 905316 09 6
    Single Engine Review VOL1 1994 Pacemakers, Workhorses and Silent Few ISBN 0 905316 05 3
    Single Engine Review VOL1 2001 Pacemakers, Workhorses and Silent Few ISBN 0 905316 10 X
    Single Engine Review VOL2 1995 Cessna ISBN 0 905316 06 1
    Single Engine Review VOL3 1995 Beech & Piper ISBN 0 905316 08 8

  • Year/Issue Cross Reference
  • 1977 1/3 1978 4/7 1979 8/10 1980 11/12 1981 13/16 1982 17/18 1983 19/21 1984 22/25 1985 26/28
    1986 29/32 1987 33/37 1988 38/40 1989 41/44 1990 45/48 1991 49/51 1992 52/54 1993 55/58
    1994 59/62 1995 63/66 1996 67/70 1997 71/74 1998 75/78 1999 79/80 2000 81/84 2001 85/88
    2002 89/92 2003 93/96 2004 97/100 2005 101/104 2006 105/108 2007 109/112 2008 113/116
    2009 117/120 2010 121/123 2011 124/127 2012 128/131 2013 132/135 2014 136/139 2015 140/143
    2016 144/147 2017 148/150

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