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We offer unrestricted digital copy/paste versions of amcar in PDF format. The easiest way to build up a huge database of the US, Canadian and Brazilian aircraft registers! Check our FAQ link to see what special features each issue contains.


AMCAR153 (APR18) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR152 (JAN18) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR151 (OCT17) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR150 (JUL17) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR149 (APR17) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR148 (JAN17) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR147 (OCT16) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR146 (JUL16) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR145 (APR16) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR144 (JAN16) 6.75 GBP

AMCAR143 (OCT15) 6.75 GBP

(MAR04) 5.00 GBP

(DEC03) 5.00 GBP

e-amcar BOXSETs

Since our first May 1977 issue, over 9600 pages of specialised data have been published. Unfortunately, many issues are now sold out, and more sadly some of the early digital masters have been lost. The data is published in PDF format with the search function enabled. All other functions are only available with the individual issues on offer.

amcar in paper format

First published in 1977, amcar's popularity in paper format is as strong as ever. Latest editions can be found here and copies are sent via first class mail.

AMCAR143 (OCT15)

AMCAR144 (JAN16)

AMCAR145 (APR16)
AMCAR146 (JUL16)

AMCAR147 (OCT16)

AMCAR148 (JAN17)

AMCAR149 (APR17)

AMCAR150 (JUL17)

AMCAR151 (OCT17)

AMCAR152 (JAN18)

AMCAR153 (APR18)