We are clearing our stock of the old Single Engine Volume publications after 18+ years of protection in a sealed box. Although the digital age has taken over the way aviation research is conducted, there is still a great demand for large physical documents such as these volumes have proven.

Volume One  was originally published in 1994, and Volumes Two and Three in the subsequent year. An updated edition of Volume One was published in 2001.

Each Volume is in two sections: 1) in order of registration and 2) in order of manufacturer, type and series.

Information given is: 1)  Registration 2) Year of Manufacture 3) Aircraft Type & Series
4) Construction number 5) Date of Registration.

VOLUME ONE The Pacemakers, Workhorses and Silent Few (392 pages)

Over 900 different aircraft types and series are covered, from Aermacchi to Zlin
and includes Aero Commander, Aeronca series, Air Tractor, Ayres, Bellanca. Convair, De Havilland, Fairchild, Grumman, Helio, Lake, Luscombe, Maule, Mooney, Navion. Nord, SIAI, Socata, Stinson and Waco.

VOLUME TWO Beech and Piper (368 pages)

Over 90 different aircraft types and series are covered, from Beech 19 to Piper PA-46.

VOLUME THREE Cessna (368 pages)

Over 140 different aircraft types and series are covered, from Cessna AW to Cessna 210N. The Cessna 305 was not covered in this publication.

Published by RUNWAY SIX NINE - England
Weekly US and Canadian Register updates since 1972